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Ransomware Prevention Training

Drawing on years of experience working ransomware cases in the commercial space, we have learned how ransomware happens. We have compiled our knowledge of how threat actors operate, what tools they use, and how they gain access to company systems into an immersive training program to help organizations understand the risks and how to mitigate. By participating in our training, you will learn:

  • Best practices and tools to mitigate ransomware risk for businesses

  • Why these changes need to be made

  • How to make the changes

  • Recommended tools

  • How to respond to an attack

Ransomware Prevention Training
Cyber Best Practice Implementation

GoodSense partners with top technology companies, universities, associations, and cyber professionals to assist in implementing cyber best practices for qualified businesses. Our cyber hygiene team will assess the current risk environment, make recommendations, and assist in the implementation of the recommendations. Our team is also available to tactically support participating organizations.

Cyber Best Practice
Board and Staff Educational Briefings

Our seasoned cyber security industry leadership are mobilized to provide executive briefings for your organization. These talks walk through the cyber risk landscape, and the state of the ransomware epidemic. Our team will explain the extent of the damage and business impact from a cyber attack event, and elaborate on what works and what does not work in a response program.

Board Briefings
[Coming soon!] Cyber Incident Response and Ransomware Response

GoodSense has partnered with top cyber incident response firms to support cyber attack victims who have been through our training programs. Assistance will include technical triage, assistance with legal advice, public relations, and recovery.

Coming soon
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